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The SecBio project

A collaborative project to keep biological risks under control

The development of biorisk control policies, as well as the implementation of non-proliferation treaties, requires raising all stakeholders' awareness and compliance with national and international legal requirements.  

As part of the work of the G7 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction (G7 GPP), the French Ministry of Defence's General Directorate for International Relations and Strategy is piloting a unique project named SecBio in partnership with Expertise France, the French Agency for International Technical Cooperation.  

The construction of the SecBio platform brings together government actors, lawyers, medical researchers and information system designers.

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Project news

3rd steering comitee of the SecBio project

1000 documents and 20 courses are open to testers

2nd steering comitee of the SecBio project

More than 300 documents referenced in the Beta version

The SecBio platform

A multidisciplinary digital space dedicated to biosecurity

From laboratory protection to operational safety or the transport logistics of biological materials and equipment, SecBio aims to reference all the knowledge and methods needed by experts in the sectors concerned by biological safety and security.

Over 2000 referenced documents by 2022
Over 100 new courses and trainings by 2022
A collaborative construction with over 30 experts
A participative platform

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A document database covering all fields of application, scientific specialities and relevant techniques and methods.

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Learning modules to build and evaluate a project or to check compliance with current regulations.

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A participatory discussion forum open to all professionals on the platform.

AN international AMBITION

A French contribution to a global reaching stability treaty

As a development assistance project, the SecBio platform can be transferred to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) support unit by 2022.

All member States will then be able to use this platform to improve their national legal frameworks and bring them into line with the international architecture.

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